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Article info. : 2006; 3(3) (pp 293~296)


Facile Synthesis of Bis(arylmethylidene)cycloalkanones Mediated by Lithium Perchlorate under Solvent-Free Conditions

M.S. Abaee*, M.M. Mojtahedi, R. Sharifi, M.M. Zahedi, H. Abbasi and K. Tabar-Heidar

Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran, P.O.Box 14335-186, Tehran, Iran

(Received 15 June 2006, Accepted 15 July 2006)

Lithium perchlorate-mediated double crossed aldol condensations of a variety of aromatic aldehydes with cycloalkanones at room temperature in the presence of (trimethylsilyl)diethylamine and under solvent-free conditions are described. High to excellent yields of bis(arylmethylidene)cyclohexanones and bis(arylmethylidene)cyclopentanones are achieved within a few minutes in this facile one-pot procedure.

Keywords: Crossed aldol condensation, Bis(arylmethylidene)cycloalkanones, Lithium perchlorate, Solvent-free


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