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Article info. : 2006; 3(1) (pp 22~31)


Corresponding States Theory and Thermodynamic Properties

of Liquid Alkali Metals

M.H. Mousazadeh*, A. Khanchi and M. Ghanadi Marageh

AEOI, JIH Research Laboratory, 11365/8486, Tehran, Iran

(Received 23 July 2005, Accepted 19 November 2005)

According to phenomenological scaling and the law of corresponding states, reduced coordinates F*-T*, where F* represents the reduced thermodynamic properties (enthalpy of vaporization, speed of sound, surface tension, saturated liquid density)and T* is the reduced temperature, are introduced for the prediction of the thermodynamic properties of alkali metals. Values of the thermodynamic properties from the melting point up to boiling point are correlated. It has been shown that the correlation between reduced thermodynamic properties, as well as with the reduced temperature, can be expressed as a unique straight-line plot with a linear correlation coefficient of 0.9998. The proposed correlation has a simple form for easy calculation, requires only the melting and boiling point parameters, which are usually easy to acquire, and can predict the thermodynamic properties from the melting temperature up to the boiling temperature accurately.

Keywords: Corresponding states, Alkali metals, Thermodynamic properties


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