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Article info. : 2005; 2(4) (pp 244~337)


A New Synthesis of 1,3-Aminols from Direct Double Reduction of β-Enamino Ketones Formed in situ by Reaction of β-Dicarbonyl Compounds with Anilines

M.M. Khodaei*, A.R. Khosropour* and J. Abassi

Department of Chemistry, Razi University, Kermanshah 67149, Iran

(Received 1 May 2005, Accepted 17 September 2005)

A new one-pot synthesis of 1,3-aminols by direct reduction of β-enamino ketones, formed in situ by reaction of easily available β-dicarbonyl compounds, with anilines were described. In the case of aliphatic amines such as benzyl amine, n-butyl amine and b-hydroxy ethyl amine, the corresponding 1,3-minols were not obtained. In fact, the b-enamino ketone formed was failed to accomplish further reduction to 1,3-aminol. This approach is the most direct available method for the synthesis of 1,3-aminols.

Keywords: 1,3-Aminols, β-Enamino ketones, β-Dicarbonyls, Anilines, NaBH4


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