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Article info. : 2008; 5(2) (pp 252~261)


Synthesis, Charecterization and Chelation Ion-Exchange Studies of a Resin Copolymer Derived from 8-Hydroxyquinoline-Formaldehyde-Catechol

B.A. Shaha,*, A.V. Shahb, B.N. Bhandaria and R.R. Bhatta

aDepartment of Chemistry, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat-7, Gujarat, India
bDepartment of Chemistry, Polytechnic, Vidhyabharti Trust, Umrakh, Bardoli, Gujarat, India

(Received 3 April 2007, Accepted 4 August 2007)

A chelating ion exchange resin was synthesized from 8-hydroxyquinoline and catechol using formaldehyde as a cross linking agent at 120 ± 2 șC in DMF solution. The resin was characterized by FTIR and elemental analysis. The morphology of the synthesized resin was studied by optical photograph and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Various kinetic parameters such as energy of activation (Ea), enthalpy of activation (H‡), entropy of activation (S‡), free energy of activation (G‡), order of reaction (n) and pre-exponential factor (A) of various steps of thermal decomposition have been calculated from thermogravimertic results. The physico-chemical properties of the resin have been studied. The total cation exchange capacity was measured and effect of pH and metal ion concentration on ion exchange capacity were studied. The rate of cation exchange reactions and distribution co-efficient values in tartaric acid media at different pH were also studied using batch equilibration method.

Keywords: Chelating resin, Batch equilibration, Kinetic parameters, Distribution coefficient


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