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Article info. : 2004; 1(2) (pp 136~140)


A Novel and Efficient Method for the Synthesis of a-Aminonitriles by the Reaction of Aminals with TrimethylsilylCyanide Catalyzed by Iodine

M.R. Saidi* and N. Azizi

Depatment of Chemistry, Sharif University of Technologhy, P. O. Box 11365- 9516 Tehran, Iran

(Received 3 August 2003 , Accepted 15 February 2004)

      Iodine, was found to be a practical and novel catalyst for the reaction of aminal and trimethylsilyl cyanide under mild and neutral reaction condition to afford the corresponding α-aminonitriles in high yields and short reaction times. Trimethylsilyl iodide derived in situ from elemental iodine and trimethylsillyl cyanide catalyzed this conversion.

Keywords: Trimethylsilyl cyanide, Carbonyl compounds, Iodine, Iminium salt, Aminal


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