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Article info. : 2007; 4(2) (pp 199~204)


Ca(HSO4)2 Mediated Conversion of Alcohols into N-Substituted Amides under Heterogeneous Conditions: A Modified Ritter Reaction

K. Niknama,*, M.A. Zolfigolb and T. Sadabadia

aChemistry Department, Faculty of Sciences, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, 75169, Iran

bFaculty of Chemistry, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamadan, 65174, Iran

(Received 11 September 2006, Accepted 27 November 2006)

Tertiary, secondary, and benzylic alcohols react efficiently with nitriles in the presence of the catalyst calcium hydrogen sulfate, Ca(HSO4)2, to produce amides in high yields. In this study, a modified Ritter reaction using this solid acid catalyst is found to be an environmentally safe method for converting 2,6-bis(hydroxymethyl)-4-halo anisole into the corresponding diamides in CH3CN.

Keywords: Calcium hydrogen sulfate, Alcohols, Nitriles, Heterogeneous conditions, N-substituted amides, Ritter reaction


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