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Article info. : 2007; 4(1) (pp 114~125)


Synthesis, Physico-Chemical and Thermal Characteristics of Seven and Ten Coordinated Complexes of Trivalent Lanthanides Derived from
4[N-(cinnamalidene)amino]antipyrine Semicarbazone and Diphenyl Sulfoxide

R.K. Agarwal*, B. Prakash, V. Kumar and A. Aslam Khan

Department of Chemistry, Lajpat Rai Postgraduate College, Sahibabad Ghaziabad-201005, India

(Received 28 October 2006, Accepted 3 December 2006)

In present studies a new series of twenty four complexes of seven and ten coordinated compounds derived from 4[N-cinnamalidene)amino]antipyrine semicarbazone (CAAPS) as primary ligand and diphenyl sulfoxide (DPSO) as secondary ligand has been reported. All the complexes have the general composition LnX3.n(CAAPS).DPSO (Ln = La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd, Tb, Dy or Ho, X = NCS or ClO4, n = 2, X = NO3, n = 1). The compounds have been characterized by elemental analysis, molar conductance, magnetic susceptibility, infrared and electronic spectra. Thermal characteristics were also reported. Based on the data appropriate structures are assigned for these complexes.

Keywords: Lanthanide(III), Complexes, 4[N-Cinnamalidene)amino]antipyrine semicarbazone, Diphenyl sulfoxide


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