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Article info. : 2007; 4(1) (pp 1~29)


One Decade of Research on Ion-Selective Electrodes in Iran (1996-2006)

M.R. Ganjali*, P. Norouzi, F. Faridbod, M. Rezapour and M.R. Pourjavid

Center of Excellence in Electrochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

(Received 1 December 2006, Accepted 27 December 2006)

This review presents a general overview about the development of ion-selective electrodes in Iran during the past decade (1996-2006). All of the reported ion-selective sensors (for cations, anions and organic species) are cited in this review. Sensors for 39 cations, 12 anions, and 23 organic compounds and drugs have been reported in this reivew. Some of the main group cations (e.g. beryllium) as well as most of the lanthanide ion (i.e., presidium, erbium, lutetium, cerium, neodymium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, ytterbium, and thulium) sensors have been reported for the first time. It is noticable that the best reported sensors for HPO42-, SO42-, Cl-, ClO4-, Br-, and I3- have been designed and constructed by the Iranian researchers.

Keywords: Sensors, Liquid membrane, Potentiometry, Ion-selective


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