Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society (JICS)

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Editor's Note

Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society (JICS), boasting the presence of several distinguished national and international scientific figures in its editorial and advisory boards, provides an internationally-recognized forum for publishing research articles concerning chemistry and related disciplines, particularly biosciences. The journal includes both original and review articles written by chemists and researchers working in different geographical parts of the world, thus further promoting the status of chemistry as an international area of study.
JICS with two versions of on-line and hard-copy is very likely to be indexed by the ISI soon. Publishing in JICS is free of charge and 25 offprints will be sent to each contributor.
Hereby, we invite all researchers and scientists who want to share their ideas and findings with other scholars of the world to send us their manuscripts, original or review, via mail or e-mail to be published upon being refereed.


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