J. Iran. Chem. Soc., Vol. 8, No. 3 September 2011, pp.727~733.

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Synthesis, X-Ray Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Iron(II) and Cobalt(III) Complexes with the Schiff Base Derived from Pyridoxal and Semicarbazide or S-methylisothiosemicarbazide

V. Jevtovica, D. Cvetkovicb and D. Vidovicc

aDepartment of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, 21000 Novi Sad, Trg D. Obradovica 3, Serbia
bDepartment of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
 cChemistry Research Laboratory, Mansfield Road, University of Oxford, Oxford, OX1 3TA, UK

     The synthesis, structural analysis and antibacterial reactivity of two octahedral complexes, namely [Fe(PLSC)2](NO3)2.H2O, 1 (PLSC is pyridoxal semicarbazone), and [Co(PLITSC-2H)(PLITSC-H)].CH3OH, 2 (PLITSC is pyridoxal S-methylisothio-semicarbazone) are reported.

Keywords: Pyridoxal-semicarbazone, Pyridoxal-S-methylisothiosemicarbazone Fe(II) complex, Co(III) complex, Structure, Antimicrobial activity

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