J. Iran. Chem. Soc., Vol. 8, No. 2 June 2011, pp.531~536.

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Aromatic Bromination of Aldehydes and Ketones Using 1,3-Di-n-butylimidazolium Tribromide [BBIm]Br3 Ionic Liquids under Solvent-Free Conditions

S.P. Borikar and T. Daniel*

Division of Organic Chemistry, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune- 411 008, India

     An environmentally benign and efficient process for the preparation of monobromo derivatives of aryl aldehydes and ketones was developed by simple and practical reactions of aryl aldehydes or ketones with 1,3-di-n-butylimidazolium tribromide ([BBIm]Br3), as a brominating reagent under solvent-free conditions in very high yields. The process has several advantages: high conversions, short reaction time, mild reaction conditions, simple workup with good to quantitative yields and re-usable ionic liquid.

Keywords: Ionic liquid, Bromination, [BBIm]Br3, Solvent-free, Green chemistry    

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