J. Iran. Chem. Soc., Vol. 8, No. 1 March 2011, pp.287~291.

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A New and Convenient Method for Synthesis of Barbituric Acid Derivatives

A. Habibi* and Z. Tarameshloo

Faculty of Chemistry, Tarbiat Moallem University, No. 49, P. Code 15719-14911, Mofateh Avenue, Tehran, Iran

In continuation of our current studies on the reaction between isocyanides and electron-defficient alkenes, we would like to report our recent reseaarch on synthesizing novel derivatives of barbituric acid. The reaction of alkylidene-substituted Meldrum's acid with alkyl isocyanides in the presence of urea led to the production of the corresponding 2-(hexahydro-2,4,6-trioxopyrimidin-5-yl)-N,2-dimethylpropanamide in good to high yields. The structure of the products was in agreement with their spectroscopic data .

Keywords: Isocyanide, Multi-component reaction, Barbituric acid, Alkylidene-substituted Meldrum’s acid

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