J. Iran. Chem. Soc., Vol. 7, No. 3 September 2010, pp.770~774.

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A One-Pot Synthesis of 1,2-Dihydro-1-arylnaphtho[1,2-e][1,3]oxazine-3-one Derivatives Catalyzed by Perchloric Acid Supported on Silica (HClO4/SiO2) in the Absence of Solvent

H. Abbastabar Ahangara, G.H. Mahdaviniab,*, K. Marjania and A. Hafeziana

aFaculty of Chemistry, Teacher Training University, P.O. Box 15614, Tehran, Iran
bYoung Research Club & Department of Chemistry, Islamic Azad University-Marvdasht Branch, Marvdasht, Iran

1,2-Dihydro-1-arylnaphtho[1,2-e][1,3]oxazine-3-one derivatives were synthesized in high yields using a facile and one-pot condensation of 2-naphthol, aromatic aldehydes and urea catalyzed by perchloric acid supported on silica under thermal solvent-free conditions.

Keywords: One-pot, HClO4-SiO2, Heterogeneous catalyst, Naphthoxazine-3-one, Solvent-free reaction

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