J. Iran. Chem. Soc., Vol. 6, No. 4 December 2009, pp.789~799.

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Zirconyl Triflate, [ZrO(OTf)2], as a New and Highly Efficient Catalyst for Ring-Opening of Epoxides

M. Moghadam*, I. Mohammadpoor-Baltork, S. Tangestaninejad, V. Mirkhani, L. Shariati, M. Babaghanbari and M.

Department of Chemistry, Catalysis Division, University of Isfahan, Isfahan 81746-73441, Iran

A highly efficient method for the ring opening of epoxides catalyzed by ZrO(OTf)2 was adopted. This catalyst efficiently catalyzed alcoholysis, acetolysis and hydrolysis of epoxides and the corresponding alkoxy alcohols, acetoxy alcohols and 1,2-diols were obtained in excellent yields. Conversion of epoxides to 1,2-diacetetes, thiiranes and 1,3-dioxolanes was also performed in the presence of catalytic amounts of ZrO(OTf)2, and the corresponding products were obtained in high to excellent yields. The high catalytic activity of ZrO(OTf)2 is due to the replacement of Cl with OTf, which makes the ZrO(OTf)2 as efficient Lewis acid.

Keywords: Alcoholysis, Acetolysis, 1,2-Diacetate, 1,3-Dioxolane, Zirconyl triflate

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