J. Iran. Chem. Soc., Vol. 2, No. 3 September 2005, pp.203~211.

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Synthesis and Magneto-Spectral Investigations of Some Six and Nine Coordinated Complexes of Lanthanides(III) Derived from 4[N-(2´-Hydroxy-1´-Naphthalidene) amino]Antipyrinethiosemicarbazone

R.K. Agarwala,*, R.K. Gargb and S.K. Sindhub

a Department of Chemistry, School of Pure and Applied Sciences, the University of the South Pacific
P.B. No.1168, SUVA,FIJI
b Department of Chemistry, S.S.V. Postgraduate College Hapur, India

The present work describes the synthesis and characterization of some six and nine coordinated complexes of trivalent lanthanide(III) with 4[N-(2´-hydroxy-1´- naphthalidene)amino]antipyrinethiosemicarbazone (HNAAPTS). All the complexes have the general composition LnX3.n(HNAAPTS) (X = NO3-, n = 1; X = NCS- or ClO4-, n = 2). The complexes were characterized through elemental analyses, molar mass, conductivity measurements, magnetic susceptibilities, and infrared and electronic spectra. Infrared spectra revealed that HNAAPTS acts as a neutral tridentate (N,N,S) donor. The coordination number in these complexes is either six or nine depending on the nature of the anionic ligand.

Keywords: Lanthanides(III), Thiosemicarbazone, Coordination compounds

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