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Journal of the Iranian Chemical

Accepted Papers Until July 5, 2008 

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S. Rahimnejad, S. Rahman Setayesh, M.R. Gholami
A Credible Role of Copper Oxide on Structure of Nanocrystalline Mesoporous Titanium Oxide

22 May 2007


V. Mirkhani*, M. Moghadam and S. Tangestaninejad and B. Bahramian
The Effect of Bulky Substitution of a Manganese Salen Complex on the Biomimetic Alkene Epoxidation and Alkane Hydroxylation with Sodium Periodate

9 July 2007


M. Hosseini-Sarvari, H. Sharghi, Sulfamic
Acid Catalyzed Ring Opening of Epoxides with Amines in Solvent Free Conditions

24 July 2007


H. Faghihian, M. Talebi, M. Pirouzi
 Adsorption of Nitrogen from Natural Gas by Clinoptilolite

8 Sept 2007


H. Firouzabadi, N. Iranpoor, F. Ebrahimzadeh
Direct Conversion of Trimethylsilyl and Tetrahydropyranyl Ethers into their Bromides and Iodides Under Neutral Conditions Using N-Bromo- and N-Iodosaccharins in the Presence of Triphenylphosphine

11 October 2007


A.R. Khosropour, M.M. Khodaei, S. Ghaderi
CAN/[nbp]FeClO4 as a Green, Nivel and Reusable Catalytic  System for Direct Conversion of Trimethylsilyl Ethers to Their Acetates Under Microwave Irradiation

19 October 2007


A. Kalafi-Nezhad, A. Parhami, A. Zare, A.R. Moosavi Zare
Efficient Method for the Direct Preparation of Aryl Carboxylates from Carboxylic Acids Using Tosyl Chlorides Under Solvent-Free Conditions

19 October 2007


S. Jalili, R. Alizadeh
Study of Hydrogen Adsorption on FeTi Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations

27 October 2007


M. Pourayoubi, A.R.Mahjoub
Novel Material Hybrid Based on Two Symmetrically Independent Keggin Polyoxoanions:
[NH3CH(CH3)3)COOH] [H3O]8[PMo12]O4]3.4NH3CH(CH3)COO

27 October 2007


J. Kasthuri, J. Santhanalakshma, N. Kejendiran
Studies on the Antipyrilquinoneimine Dyes Formation by Coupling Reaction of Aniline Derivatives with 4-Aminoantipyrine  in Presence of Ruthenium Nanoparticles

2 November 2007


R. Dahiya
Synthesis and in vitro Cytotoxic Activity of a Natural Peptide of Plant Origin

10 November 2007


H. Parham, B. Aibaghi Esfahani
Determination of Furazolidone in Urine by Square-Wave Voltammetric Method

11 November 2007


K.D. Safa, A. Hassanpour, S. Tofangdarzadeh, M.H. Nasirtabrizi
Tris(trimethylsilyl)methane and Tris(dimethylphenylsilyl)methane: Prepartion and Comparison of some Alkene and Cyclopropane Derivatives

13 November 2007


K.  Mahnam, A.A. Moosavi-Movahedi, H. Bahrami, G. Hossein Hakimelahi, G. Ataie, S. Jalili, A.A Saboury, F. Ahmad, S. Safarian, M. Amanlou,
Efficient Factors in Protein Modification:
Adenosine Deaminase Esterification by Woodward Reagent K

16 November 2007


F. Jiao, X. Chen, Y. Hu, Z. Wang,
Enantiomeric Separation of Racemic Clenbuterol by Capillary Zone Electrophoresis

16 November 2007


G.R. Kiani, N. Arsalani, M.G. Hosseini,  A.A. Entezami,
Synthesis of poly(3-methylthiophene) in the presence of 1-(2-pyrrolyl)-2-(2-thienyl) ethylene (PTE) by electropolymerization

17 November 2007


R.E. Sabzi, B. Sehatnia, M.H. Pournaghi-Azar, M.S. Hejazi,
Electrochemical detection of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) target DNA using MB on pencil graphite electrode

23 November 2007


W.-T. Chen, Y.-P. Xu, Q.-Y. Luo, X.-N. Fang, H.-L. Chen,
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of [Nd(C6NO2H5)3(H2O)2]nn[ZnCl4]·nCl·2.5nH2O with Novel Poly-cationic Chain
24 November 2007
OI-07-244-23 M.A. Zolfigol, P. Salehi, M. Shiri,  T. Rastegar, A. Ghaderi
Silica Sulfuric Acid as an Efficient Catalyst for the Friedländer Quinoline Synthesis from Simple Ketones and Ortho-aminoaryl Ketones under Microwave Irradiation
12 December 2007
ASh-07-270-15 A. Hashem Essa  and A.F. Jalbout
Theoretical Study of 1-(4-Substituted-5-hydroxymethyl-tetrahydro-furan-2-ylmethyl)-5-methyl-1H-pyrimidine-2, 4-dione Molecule
13 December 2007
ASh-07-255-10 F. Ati, S. El-Aoufi, A. Chergui, H.Y. Aboul-Enein and B. Maouche Theoretical Study of Hydrolysis Mechanism of Khellin

14 December 2007


G. Mahmoudi, A. Morsali and M. Zeller
Spectroscopic, Thermal and Structural Studies of A New Mercury(II) complex of 4'-(4-pyridyl)-2,2':6',2''-terpyridine (pyterpy) ligand, [H(Hpyterpy)(SCN)2]2(MeSO4)2

16 December 2007


B. Taeri and M. Arezoomand
The Full non-rigid Group Theory for TBA (Tert-Butyl Alcohol)

16 December 2007

IR-07-167-19 K. Shahid, S. Shahzadi and S. Ali
Spectroscopic Studies of Biologically Active Organotin(IV) Derivatives of 2-[N-(2,4,6-Tribromophenylamido] propanoic Acid
17 December 2007


H. Aghabozorg, E. Eadr-Khanlou, A. Shokrollahi, M. Ghaedi, M. Shamsipur
Synthesis, Charactrization, Crystal Structure and Solution Studies of Ni (II), Cu (II) and Zn (II) Complexes Obtained from Pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylic Acid and 2,9-Dimethyl-1,10-phenanthroline 

28 December 2008 
ASh-07-280-17 N. Alizadeh, M.A. Zanjanchi, H. Sharghi, R. Khalifeh and M. Shamsipur
Spectroscopic Studies of Charge-Transfer Complexation of Iodine with a New Benzo-Substituted Macrocyclic Diamide in Chloroform, Dichloromethane and their 1:1 Mixture
5 January 2008


E.O. Odebunmi and S.O. Owalude
Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of Some Simple Reducing Sugars by Permanganate Anion in Alkaline Medium

6 January 2008
OF-07-247-22 A. Zare, A. Hasaninejad, A.R. Moosavi Zare, A. Khalafi-Nezhad and A. Parhami
An Efficient Solventless Method for the Synthesis of N,N-Dialkyl Sulfonamide Derivatives
6 January 2008

H. Bahrami and M. Zahedi
Conclusive Evidences for Delayed Autocatalytic Behavior of Mn(II) Ions at a Critical Concentration

23 January 2008

 Mohammad Hossein Habibi*, Mohammad Khaledi Sardashti
Structure and morphology of nanostructure zinc oxide thin films prepared by dip and spin coating methods

23 January 2008

N.Y. Mohammed*, M.A. Al-Issa and G.F. Fadhil,
Kinetic Study of Free-Radical Solution Polymerization of Butyl acrylate and its Copolymer with 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone                          

27 January 2008

S. Jalili *,  M. Jafari and J. Habibian
The Effect of Impurity on Electronic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes

27 January 2008

V.K. Jain*, S.G. Pillai and H.S. Gupte
Supervanadophile: Complexation, Preconcentration and Transport Studies of Vanadium by Octa Functionalized Calix[4]resorcinarene-Hydroxamic Acid

29 January 2008

R. Ansari* and A. Fallah Delavar
Sorption of Silver Ion from Aqueous Solutions Using Conducting Electroactive Polymers

29 January 2008

M. Jamaluddin Ahmed* and K.J. Hossan
A Rapid Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Cobaltin Industrial, Environmental, Biological, Pharmaceutical and Soil Samples Using Bis(5-bromosalicylaldehyde)orthophenylenediamine

11 February 2008

S. Jalili*, A. Jaberi, M.G. Mahjani and M. Jafarian
Prediction of Lead Corrosion Behavior Using Feed-Forward Artificial Neural Network

11 February 2008

I. Booysen, T.I.A. Gerber*, E. Hosten and P. Mayer
Formation of a Six-coordinate fac-[Re(CO)3]+ Complex by the N-C Bond Cleavage of a Potentially Tetradentate Ligand

11 February 2008

H. Aghabozorg*, F. Manteghi and S. Sheshmani
A Brief Review on Structural Concepts of Novel Supramolecular Proton Transfer Compounds and Their Metal Complexes

12 February 2008
ASh-07-Rev. H. Firouzabadi* and M. Jafarpour
Applications of Zirconium(IV) Tetrachloride (ZrCl4) and Zirconium(IV) Oxydichloride Octahydrate (ZrOCl2.8H2O) as Catalysts or Reagents in Organic Synthesis
12 February 2008
OF-07-245-21 B. Sadeghi, B.F. Mirjalili* and M.M. Hashemi
BF3.SiO2: An Efficient Heterogeneous Alternative for Regio- Chemo and Stereoselective Claisen-Schmidt Condensation
 16 February 2008

M.A. Khalilzadeh*, A. Hosseini, M. Tajbakhsh and F. Mohannazadeh LiAlH4/Silica Chloride a New Chemoselective System for Reduction of Carbonyl Compounds and Phosphine Oxides

16 February 2008
PP-07-194-30 H. Phetmung*, T.W. Kim, S.J. Hwang and J.H. Choy
A Simple and Direct Method for Synthesis of Vanadium Oxide Ribbon-like Nanobelts
17 February 2008
AG-08-314-04 L. Fotouhi*, S. Asadia, E. Tammari, M.M. Heravi and D. Nematollahi Electrochemical Oxidation of Catechol and 4-tert-Butylcatechol in the Presence of 1-Methyl-1H-imidazole-2-thiol: Synthesis and Kinetic Study 25 February 2008
AA-07-278-16 A.R. Solangi, A. Mallah, M.Y. Khuhawar and M.I. Bhanger
Cathodic Stripping Voltammetry of Pipemidic Acid and Ofloxacin in Pharmaceutical Dosages and Human Urine
6 March 2008

Y.-M. Xie and J.-H. Wu
Synthesis, Structure and Photoluminescence of [Cu(acac)(dppe)]
n with Novel 1D Zigzag Chain-Like Motif 

13 March 2008

E. Vessally
Heteroatom effect at C
7 of norbornadiene-quadricyclane system for maximizing the solar energy storage: DFT calculations

14 March 2008
ASh-07-246-8 S. Yaqub, F. Ahmed, Sadiq-ur-Rehman, S. Ali* and S. Shahzadi
Thermal Degradational Analysis of Organotin(IV) Esters
14 March 2008
AG-08-308-02 R. Karimi Shervedani, F. Yaghoobi and M. Bagherzadeh
Electrocatalytic Determination of Hydroquinone Based on Complexed Mn+ with Gold 5 amino 2 mercaptobenzimidazole self assembled Monolayer Electrode
25 March 2008

B. Hemmateenejad*, R. Miri and R. Kamali
A Kinetic Spectrophotometric Method for Determination of Amlodipine and Nifedipine in Pharmaceutical Preparations

26 March 2008

K. Aziz and A. Nasehzadeh*
The Heat of Vaporization and Nanocavity Formation

2 April 2008
AA-07-285-18 R.K .Tiwari*, R.M. Naik*, P.K. Singh, S.B.S. Yadav, R. Rastogi and J.Rai  Kinetic Determination of Trace Amounts of Thiosulphate Based on its Inhibitory Effect 2 April 2008

H. Loghmani-Khouzani*, H. Mehrabi, M.M.M. Sadeghi, and R. Gawinecki, Study of Hydrazone-hydrazoimine tautomerism in a-azo-6-ketomethylphenanthridines

5 April 2008
PP-08-199-04 Y. Sheena Mary, L. Ushakumari, B. Harikumar, H.T. Varghese, and C.Y. Panicker*
FT-IR, FT-Raman and SERS Spectra of L-Proline
7 April 2008
PM-07-186-8 P. Nagababu, J. Naveena lavanya latha, M. Rajesh, and S. Satyanarayana*
DNA-Binding and Cytotoxicity Studies of Cobalt(III) Ethylenediamine Complex: [Co(en)2(pyz)2]Br3
 9 April 2008
OF-08-262-01 A. Hasaninejad*, A. Zare*, M.R. Mohammadizadeh and Zahra Karami Synthesis of Quinoxaline Derivatives via Condensation of Aryl 1,2-Diamines with 1,2-Diketones Using (NH4)6Mo7O24.4H2O as an Efficient, Mild and Reusable Catalyst 10 April 2008

H. Tajik*, K. Niknam, F. Parsa
Using acidic ionic liquid [bmim]HSO
4 in selective nitration of phenols under mild conditions

13 April 2008
OF-08-292-12 N.Azizi*, E. Akbaria and M.R. Saidi*
Waste-Free Thiolysis of Epoxide in Water with High Yield
 M. Moghadam*, V. Mirkhani*, S. Tangestaninejad, I.
15 April 2007
PP-07-182-23 S. Huo*, C. Song, J. Shan, S. Shen and H. Sun
Mechanistic Investigation of Oxidation of Glycine and Alanine by bis(dihydrogen tellurto)argentite(II) Ion in Alkaline Medium. A Kinetic Study
18 April 2008
OI-07-236-20 Mohammadpoor-Baltork and H. Kargar
InCl3 as an Efficient Catalyst for Synthesis of Oxazolines under Thermal, Ultrasonic and Microwave Irradiation
23 April 2008
OS-08-280-04 H. Firouzabadi*, N. Iranpoor* and H.Alinezhad,
Micellar Media Catalyzed Highly Efficient Reductive Amination of Carbonyl Compounds with Bis(triphenylphosphine) (tetrahydroborato) zirconium(II),[Zr(BH4)2(Ph3P)2], as a New and a Highly Water Tolerant Tetrahydroborate Reducing Agent
3 May 2008
PP-08-200-05 M. Mirzaei and N.L. Hadipour*
Study of hydrogen bonds in crystalline 5-nitrouracil: DFT calculations of the O-17, N-14, and H-2 NQR parameters
21 May 2008


PP-08-204-09 K.N. Mohana* and P.M. Ramdas Bhandarkar
Mechanistic investigation of oxidation of metronidazole and tinidazole with N-bromosuccinimide in acid medium: A kinetic approach
21 May 2008
IR-08-187-14 G.B. Bagihalli, S.A. Patil* and P.S. Badami
Synthesis, Physico-Chemical Investigation and Biological studies of Zinc(II) complexes with 1,2,4-triazole Schiff bases
21 May 2008
IR-08-190-17 T. Sedaghat* and F. Jalilian
New Adducts of Diorganotin(IV) Chlorides with a New Multifunctional Schiff Base Ligand: Synthesis and Spectral Properties
21 May 2008
OF-08-308-18 H. Alinezhad*, M. Tajbakhsh and R. Soleimani
Selective Oxidation of Benzylic and Allylic Alcohols with NaOCl/Silica Gel System
22 May 2008
AS-07-268-9 S. Rouhani*, T. Haji-ghasemi
Novel PVC-base Coated Graphite Electrode for Selective Determination of Quinoline Yellow
28 May 2008
IR-08-186-13 H. Khanmohammadi, M. Salehifard and M.H. Abnosi
Synthesis, Characterization, Biological and Thermal Studies of Cu(II) Complexes of Salen and Tetrahedrosalen Ligands,
29 May 2008
IR-08-188-15 S. Chandra*, M. Tyagi and K. Sharma
Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) Complexes of a Tertraaza Macrocyclic Ligand: Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Screening
29 May 2008
PP-08-201-06 J. Ameta, A. Kumar, R. Ameta, V.K. Sharma and S.C. Ameta
Synthesis and Characterization of CeFeO3 Photocatalyst Used in Photocatalytic Bleaching of Gentian Violet
29 May 2008
OF-08-299-14 H. Saeidian, Z. Mirjafary, A. Sadeghi and F. Matloubi Moghaddam*
Rapid and Efficient One-Pot Synthesis of 1,4-Dihydropyridine and Polyhydroquinoline Derivatives Through the Hantzsch Four Component Condensation by Zinc Oxide
29 May 2008
ASh-07-280-16 H. Du and X.Q. Chen*
A Comparative Study of the Separation of Oleanolic Acid and Ursolic Acid in Prunella Vulgaris by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Cyclodextrin-Modified Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography
 4 June 2008
PP-08-209-13 M. Sadat-Shojai
Preparation of Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles: Comparison Between Hydrothermal and Solvo-Treatment Processes and Colloidal Stability of Produced Nanoparticles in a Dilute Experimental Dental Adhesive
12 June 2008


J.H. Shan*, H.Y. Wang, C.Y. Song and F. Wang
Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of 2-Aminoethanol and 3-Amino-1-propanol by Diperiodatoargentate(III) in Alkaline Medium
21 June 2008
PP-08-212-15a S.B. Patwari, S.V. Khansole and Y.B. Vibhute
Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of Aniline and Substituted Anilines by Isoquinolinium Bromochromate in Aqueous Acetic Acid
21 June 2008
ASh-08-326-06 B. Hemmateenejad*, K. Javidnia, M. Nematollahi and M. Elyasi
QSAR Studies on the Antiviral Compounds of Natural Origin
3 July 2008

R. Xu, J. Zhang,* Y. Tian and J. Zhou
Microwave-assisted Solvent-free Synthesis of 1, 1-Diacetates catalyzed by SbCl3 from Aldehydes and Acetic Anhydride

5 July 2008

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