Cannabidiol (often abbreviated as CBD) has quite recently become popular for many reasons. For instance, it provides the positive medicinal benefits as those of marijuana without the psychoactive effects. The substance is very beneficial for people suffering from varying health issues. Additionally, it is a preferable choice to provide relief for people suffering from inflammation, muscle spasms, pain conditions and also anxiety.

What Are The Different Ways Of Using Cannabidiol?

Currently, the substance is found in various strains of cannabis. That’s because most of these strains have been bred particularly to contain CBD as the main cannaboid. Here are some of the top ways to use CBD.

Hemp Or Cannabis

You can source CBD from hemp or cannabis but the two substances are quite varying from each other. For instance, hemp has high levels of CBD but lower levels of THC. Note that, hemp based products are sold legally across the country and are also more accessible. Hemp contains lower levels of CBD than that found in cannabis. On the other hand, CBD oil sourced from cannabis has more complementary cannaboids with more benefits. There are a few claims that without these complementary cannaboids, CBD from cannabis isn’t very beneficial medicinally.


Using various solvents, it’s easy to extract CBD oil from marijuana strains that are bred using CBD. You should avoid any CBD oil that was extracted using neurotoxic materials like butane. That’s because they leave very dangerous residues inside the final product. Alternatively, the most preferred extraction methods involve the use of CO2. Here, pure and potent oil is extracted using high pressures at low temperatures. Coconut oil and ethanol might also be involved in the extraction process, depending on the intended use of the CBD oil after extraction.

You can either take the oil directly or take capsules, where it is placed inside. You can also mix it into different foods such as smoothies or edibles. Various dispensaries have pre-made CBD edibles. Here the oil is distilled using edible oils such as olive or coconut oil. Whether consumed in its pure state or as an edible, CBD oil is a good option for people looking to consume medical cannabis discreetly.

CBD Tinctures

They are less concentrated than CBD oil. Tinctures are cannabis extracts that are either alcohol or vegetable glycerin based. They are packaged into dropper bottles with different concentration ratios of CBD and THC. You can either make them at home or purchase from your local dispensary depending on your preference.

You can use the dropper directly into your mouth or add it to your food or drink. Just like CBD oil, tinctures are also very discreet. Therefore, it’s a good method of administering medical cannabis, especially if you need to take regular doses throughout the day or in a public setting.

Topical Products

These come in different forms such as creams and salves that can be applied to the skin directly. These topical products have pain relieving and anti-inflammatory features, useful for patients that suffer from such ailments. Regardless of their concentration of CBD or THC, these topical products are non-physcoactive. They are useful for patients with muscle aches or arthritis and many more conditions.


Using vaporizer pens, you can easily vaporize CBD oils. With this method, you will feel the effects of the products much faster without experiencing any adverse effects of smoking. You can also purchase the disposable vape pens that are quite convenient especially if you’re vaping on the go. Depending on the frequency of use, the disposable vape pens can last between 3 days or 2 weeks. With the disposable model, people can try out the effects of CBD vaping without committing entirely and are also perfect for those who don’t want to purchase the reusable option.

Sublingual Spray

There are concentrated tinctures of cannabis that are sprayed under the tongue. They come in varying rations of CBD and THC, allowing you to choose a preference depending on the adversity of your symptoms. They are perfect for those who want to administer dosage discreetly. The CBD sublingual spray can also be found in cannabis dispensaries together with other cannabis products.

With these various options of using CBD, you can always find a preferable and convenient one effortlessly.